Sure to cure your sweet tooth! We keep them in the freezer and snag one when we get a sweet craving!


Chocolate Layer:

1 cup of coconut oil

1/4 cup of cacao powder

1/4 cup of honey


Peanut Butter Layer:

3/4 cup of DATE ME

1/4 cup of coconut oil


Put mini muffin liners on a tray and pour the chocolate layer 1/4 the way in the liner. Place the tray in the fridge or freezer to harden for a few minutes. Next, pour the almond butter layer 3/4 of the way in the liner, leaving 1/4 left in the muffin liner. Set in the fridge to harden for a few minutes. Finally, fill the liner the rest of the way with the chocolate layer. Let them set in the fridge or freezer and ENJOY! Keep in the fridge or freezer!

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