Both having been collegiate athletes, we knew that proper nutrition was vital for

performance. We also knew that everyone, including families and kids, could benefit from fueling

their bodies properly. We wanted Gone Nuts to be part of your daily fuel! So, two college students

began creating nut butters that are made with good for you ingredients and taste great! Now that’s

just the beginning of our story… follow us on social media to join along on this crazy journey!



Co-founder, Director of Marketing

Avid online shopper, 80% health nut

Guilty pleasure? Authentic tacos

What’s in your coffee? Almond milk

What will you never leave the house without? Chapstick


Brennan :

Co-founder, Head of Operations

Crossfit enthusiast, Jeep junkie

Guilty pleasure? Chocolate shake

What’s in your coffee? Nothing!

What will you never leave the house without? Apple Watch